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Winning Ways

"A three-day seminar for real estate salespeople, managers, principals and leaders."

What has gone wrong in real estate? Why are sales results so low these days? Ask agents who sold real estate in the seventies how it used to be. In their days, salespeople who sold less than one property per week were considered mediocre. Today, such 'mediocre' salespeople are often stars. It's amazing.

At the start of a new century, with all the wonderful technology and up to twenty times as much real estate advertising, the average number of sales per salesperson is less than half what it used to be.

Boom aside, between 1960 and 2014 there has been a massive performance collapse in the real estate industry. Most salespeople earn low incomes. Most managers struggle. Even those managers who earn reasonable profits usually make many sales themselves. It is a tragedy that such a beautiful industry has such appalling consequences.

Here's a suggestion: instead of doing what the majority of low achievers do, wouldn't it be better to do what the top achievers do? Should you model your career on mediocre performers or great performers? It depends on what you want to achieve. If success is your goal, you should do what successful people do.

Winning is a continual process of improvement. To win and keep winning, you must keep improving. WINNING WAYS is a three-day real estate sales course. It creates spectacular results. These results are almost FIVE times the 'industry' average.Just ask someone who has attended. Here's what they'll say

"WINNING WAYS is the best real estate sales course in the world"

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What others say

Winning Ways was fantastic as always! The standard of training allows us to get great results for our clients, offices, ourselves and our families. Many thanks.

Michael Schofield

Edwards Windsor Real Estate Phone: 03 6234 5500

The material in Winning Ways will improve the skill and efficiency of my salespeople and will help build great careers and prosperity for all. The best real estate sales training program available life changing.

Jeff Cannon

Johnson Real Estate Phone: 07 3207 1577

Fantastic and very well presented. Gary is at his best. The best ideas and techniques from this version of Winning Ways which have been most useful to us have been time management, negotiating, vendor management and prospecting.

Paul Edwards

Goulburn First National Real Estate Phone: 02 4822 8711

Fantastic, so much more than before. The new version of Winning Ways is brilliant.

Andrew Nazarov

Professionals-D.F. Johnson Real Estate Phone: 02 9872 6011

Extremely professional, informative and well organised. The material is a proven formula for success, so if I follow the formula, then I will enjoy success in my career. What more can I ask for than to have it all clearly mapped out for me and to learn from such a wealth of experience.

Jenny Wegner

Warlimont & Nutt Real Estate, Mt Martha Phone: 03 5974 1401

The three days has been a great opportunity to once again recap and remind myself of how much we are doing and so many other things that will need improvement.

Theo van Meel

RAN Real Estate trading as Xtra Real Estate Phone: 03 5277 1999