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from other agents?
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PITTARD provides a complete real estate agency profit management system


Want more profit?

Together, you and the Pittard consultant will review your:

  • Current financial position
  • Present stock level and the agency's position to market for more
  • Team performance
  • Urgent priorities
  • Profit goals
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Does it all

You're busy trying to manage the office. Meanwhile the sales team is making very few sales, or if they do, your profit share is small. Let Pittard show you how to build a profitable sales team.

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Are you treading water?

  • Are you treading water in your agency and struggling to stay afloat?
  • Do your profits fall short of expectations?
  • Does your agency constantly battle market peaks and troughs?
  • Is cash flow a challenge?
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Sales Team
need up-skilling?

Pittard's Winning Ways sales system is designed by winning real estate professionals and trainers who work in the field, listing and selling properties in large numbers. The system can take a beginner to a winner, or a winner to the next level.

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What's your Point of Difference?

What distinguishes your agency from the other ones?

Do you have a 'Unique Selling Proposition'?

Pittard's unique Smart Sale strategy achieves remarkable listing and sales success.

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Hard to find
good staff?

Pittard's Agency Profit System shows you how to attract and select the right people, and quickly coach them to be confident and productive.

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Pittard Real Estate Agency Profit Consultants


provides a complete real estate agency profit management system. We work collaboratively with real estate principals and salespeople across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia to implement successful business practices with proven results.

About Pittard

Pittard provides advice, tools and systems to grow your agency's profitability, hire winning salespeople and improve your agency's performance. Our focus is sales, leadership and management.

Our member agencies receive ongoing support to ensure their profit goals are achieved.

  • Dedicated experienced consultants
  • Hotline support
  • Regular interactive seminars and webinars
  • 24/7 access through iTrain® to online tools and training
  • Interactive access through Pittard TV to some of the world's finest business minds

Our Objective

To provide our clients with information that inspires them to act competently and honourably, and to prosper through their real estate work. We believe that to earn a high income, and to be proud of how you earned that income, is only possible through skill, competence, integrity, and training that is aligned with these values.

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